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V6's Go Morita discovered to be having a relationship with an AV starlet (Shuukan Josei)

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Last week's issue of Josei Seven reported that V6's Go Morita is in a relationship with "an ex-gravure model who hails from Hokkaido", but the current issue of Shuukan Josei has reported that he is cohabiting with popular AV starlet Alice Miyuki.

According to Seven's article last week, Morita met up with a woman at a tonkatsu restaurant after his theater rehearsals and went on to a nearby movie house to watch Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind which was shown for 3 days only. The magazine published pictures of the two and said that they have been together for a year now -- even going to Miyakojima for a holiday and shopped for interior goods at a new furniture shop -- without revealing the identity of the woman.

"Seven is known to have a good working relationship with Johnny's, and there's a possibility that they deliberately chose not to disclose the details about the partner. However, some people on the Internet assumed from the pictures that this was Miyuki, and evidence was found on Miyuki's Twitter account that she indeed had a date with Morita. Morita's fans took no time to attack Miyuki and bombard her with heartless remarks." - (tabloid journalist)

Shuukan Josei published an article with pictures of the two walking the dog and of Miyuki coming out of Morita's apartment. When the journalist ambushed the two as they came back home, Morita denied the relationship but said: "Wait a second, I won't run away." "You can use my picture, and I don't mind you publishing my name in the article, but just keep her out of this since there'll be a lot of complications", probably thinking about the bashing that she will be receiving from his fans.

"Johnny's and Shuukan Josei are on bad terms, and it's a rarity for a Johnny's talent to even give proper answers to the publication, but that just goes to show how much he wanted to defend Miyuki. Morita's manliness is commendable, but he'll probably get an earful from his agency." - (showbiz writer)

Morita's fans might be better off refraining from bashing Miyuki.

Nanami Sakuraba, Sara Takatsuki, and co. all graduate from the group bump.y

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Nanami Sakuraba (21) and all the other members of girls unit bump.y are scheduled to "graduate" from the group at the end of June to all focus on their acting career.

The official website reads: "Thank you all for supporting bump.y since its inception in 2009. Please keep on cheering for and supporting the members so that all of them will become splendid actresses and flourish in their respective careers.".

bump.y was formed in October 2009 and consists of Sakuraba, Mary Matsuyama (21), Mio Miyatake (17), Matsuri Miyatake (14), and Sara Takatsuki (16). The unit hails from Sweet Power, agency of talents such as Maki Horikita and Meisa Kuroki. They debuted in August of 2010 with the single "voice", and have released a total of 7 singles and 3 albums.

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So I just drew you guys Kyoto Animation-style wwwwwww

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* (Popular Kyoto Animation works: AIR, CLANNAD, Full Metal Panic, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Kanon, K-ON!, etc.)

Rena Nounen, Masaki Suda, and Hiroki Hasegawa, etc. cast for the live action version of Kuragehime

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Actress Rena Nounen has been cast to play the lead in the movie adaptation of the popular manga Kuragehime (scheduled for a December 2014 release). She plays the role of an otaku who loves jellyfish. Starring alongside her are Masaki Suda, playing the role of a good-looking young man whose hobby is cross-dressing, and Hiroki Hasegawa, who plays the role of the virgin ikemen elite who has a fear of women. Nounen comments on the upcoming otaku role and says: "I'm currently thinking hard how I should be playing this role in order to make the viewers enjoy the movie".

The manga of the same name started publication in 2008 and has circulated over 2.7M copies to date (Vol. 1~13). The manga won 3rd place in the 2011 "Kono manga wa sugoi!" female division awards and was also adapted into anime in 2010 (Fuji).

The story revolves around a group of otaku women who call themselves the "Amars"--- terrified of men, who live in an apartment called Amamizukan, where men are off limits. When the main character gets in trouble with a tropical fish shop one day, she is suddenly saved by a fashionable girl. This fashionable girl would start going to the apartment, but it turns out that this girl is actually a cross-dressed boy, as the story starts focusing on the development of their peculiar friendship.

The other wotas residing in the apartment will be played by Chizuru Ikewaki (Train-wota), Rina Ohta (Romance of the 3 Kingdoms-wota), Tomoe Shinohara (Kare-sen; or wota of mature, old men) and Azusa Babazono (Japanese clothes-wota).

Taisuke Kawamura (Himitsu no Akko-chan, Nodame Cantabile the Final Score Part 2) will be calling the shots, as filming is scheduled to begin in May.

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What if Johnny's had a Smash Brothers type video game...

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Leader riding heavy equipment is like too much cheating wwwwww

* Reference:

Gravure idol Anna Konno: "I still take a bath with my younger brother; I still hug and kiss him"

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Gravure idol Anna Konno (24) was at Sofmap in Akihabara for the release of her latest DVD Anna Oneechan (\4,104).

Konno started out when she won the Nittelegenic 2012 award and has seen heavy exposure in magazines and TV ever since. This 10th DVD of hers, which was shot in Saipan in November last year, has a theme of Anna as the older sister enticing the viewer who is the "younger brother".

Konno dazzled the media by wearing a bikini for the event. She commented on the DVD: "I played the role of a naughty sister who would entice her younger brother." "Watch out for the part where I'm wearing a school uniform. I don't get to wear one anymore due to my age, but my wish has been granted. I wore a sailor outfit and blew into a recorder. It's been a while since I played a recorder so I wasn't able to do it well (laughs)."

When she was asked about her relationship with her actual brother, she said: "He'll be in 4th grade this coming school year, but I still hug and kiss him. We also get into the bath together, so it's pretty much the same as this.". 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

℃-ute's sexy pole dancing criticized: "Are these girls strippers?", "Too indecent"

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Pole dancing is a form of performance art centered around a vertical pole, but is still strongly associated with strip clubs.

Hello! Pro idol group ℃-ute recently tried their hand at pole dancing but was met with dissatisfaction from a lot of their fans. It looks like idol fans are not too excited about steamy performances.

℃-ute's 2014 spring concert tour ℃-ute no honne kicked off at the Gotanda U-Port Hall in Tokyo, and the digest of their first show was featured on Hello! Pro's YouTube original program Hello! Sute (station).

Members Saki Nakajima (20) and Mai Hagiwara (18) danced on the poles for their song "Crazy kanzen na otona". Other members Maimi Yajima (22), Airi Suzuki (19), and Chisato Okai (19) performed on the steps set up on the stage.

Wearing black shiny tops with their navels exposed and skimpy bottoms, Nakajima and Hagiwara proceeded to wrap their bodies around the poles and even spread their legs open. The remaining three members sported hats similar to police hats and would sit down on the steps and caress their thighs.

Nakajima and Hagiwara commented on this within the program and said, "We discussed the moves with sensei and trained hard for a month", but there seems to be quite a number of fans who are not pleased with this.

YouTube's comments section have mixed reactions, with some saying, "So cool!", "I couldn't help ogling at this", while others have said, "Is this a strip show or something?", "It's nice that they're trying something new, but I'm not digging the skimpy outfit and dance routine...", "No matter how you turn this around, this performance is just trying to sexually entice the fans. I'm not too sure if idols need to go to this extent to emphasize their sex appeal.", "I feel it's such a waste that ℃-ute has to resort to cheap and indecent things like this. These girls can surely take others on with their natural and fresh sexiness...".

Hello! Pro previously had a sexy group V-u-den, which had ex-Morning Musume Rika Ishikawa as a member. They were known for their bunny girl costumes and chair dances. There was also a time when Maki Goto started wrapping herself around a mic stand during a concert, reminiscent of a pole dance. And needless to say that some fans criticized those antics as well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Short-haired girls are in demand within the industry!?

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Cute, short-haired talents have been dominating the industry as of late. Standing out from the rest of the crowd are Ayame Gouriki (21), Rena Nounen (20), and Tsubasa Honda. These three have been in heavy demand in commercials. 

Nounen was recently appointed last February by Canon as their image model for their new mirrorless digital camera, while Honda promotes Nikon's "Nikon 1" line. Gouriki on the other hand has recently been named by video research as the 2013 commercial queen, most known for her Yamazaki Pan's lunch pack commercial.

Showbiz commentator Masaaki Hiruma explains why short hair is the current trend:
"Food and makeup products which tend to use young actresses as endorsers give emphasis to the pure and cheerful image that these talents bring. This is why it's easier for them to appoint talents with short hair. Judging by the male roles in Takarazuka, we can see this trend where female consumers actually prefer talents with short hair, which makes these girls that much easier to utilize as endorsers.".

Hiruma continues: "Some of the big names have always sported shorter hair, ever since back in the day. There was Momoe Yamaguchi, Junko Sakurada, and even Sayuri Yoshinaga had short hair. These days, people like Yoko Maki, Hikari Mitsushima, and Chiaki Horan have been standing out. Short is also the default for casters who require a more clean image. Even Christel Takigawa and Miku Natsume have short hair. Extremely beautiful women actually look better with long hair. Short suits those who have more unique looks.".

There's no doubt that short hair has been the driving force of the success of these three. So will these short-haired actresses show further "growth"? 

Monday, April 14, 2014

President Johnny Kitagawa: "Akanishi is the type of person who will succeed"

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Johnny's Jimusho president Johnny Kitagawa commented on Jin Akanishi (29) who left the agency effective last March. (Related post HERE)

Mr. Johnny insists: "I have not met with him. We didn't even talk on the phone.". On the reason why Akanishi left, Johnny said, "All he wants to do is pursue his career in the US", pointing out that this is different from Johnny's policy of giving more emphasis on their activities within Japan. He also gave his understanding that "It's just natural for one to do whatever he wants to do". Finally, Johnny joked and said, "He's a person who will succeed (in the US), as long as he maintains a good relationship with his wife (Meisa Kuroki)."

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Arashi's Kazunari Ninomiya: "Women who condemn goukon parties? What's up with that?"

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Kazunari Ninomiya is an indoor type of person -- with his cellphone rarely getting any calls and almost never dines out with other people. In contrast to that image, he's had more reports involving him with women than anyone else in Arashi. No one can imagine what sort of things he does in his private life, but he showed a glimpse of himself on radio. 

Ninomiya answered a listener's question on the talk show BAY STORM (bayfm) about goukon parties. The question goes:
"My husband suddenly asked me if I would allow him to go to a goukon party. When I asked for the reason, he told me that he wanted to have fun and enjoy drinking with women he doesn't know. I became extremely mad. It's not jealousy and things like that, but it has really gotten on my nerves."
Ninomiya responded: "The guy just wants to drink with women he doesn't know. That's all there is to it. Can't he?", and defended goukon parties.

He then continued to say that the man probably just wants to have shallow and fun conversations with strangers, like "birthday guessing games! I'm not sure, but maybe he just wants to do things like that. Can you play that with your wife? Of course not! You already know one another's birthdays! Then can you play blood type guessing games? Of course not! You know that too! He probably just wants to enjoy things on that level.".

Ninomiya passionately continued that men would of course talk about more serious stuff like work and family matters with the wife, but explained that the man would probably want to talk about their favorite celebrities with other women.

"There are women who flat out condemn goukon parties, but to me, that's more of a concern. That actually makes me wonder what kind of goukon parties that woman has attended. When women say, 'I can't believe that you like going to goukon parties', I'd just think 'What is this woman's standard for goukon anyway?'."

Ninomiya was noticeably calm the beginning, but started to become more passionate, and eventually went on to sigh as he dissed women who do not approve of goukon parties.

BABYMETAL set to perform at the Sonisphere Festival in the UK

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BABYMETAL will be participating in the Sonisphere Festival UK this July 4~6. The Sonisphere Festival was established in 2009, and will be headlined this year by Metallica, Iron Maiden, and The Prodigy. BABYMETAL will be Japan's only entry to the festival. SU-METAL comments: "I am so honored that we've been confirmed to play at the Sonisphere Festival UK." "There are so many different types of artists playing at this festival, but I hope to deliver a one of a kind, unique style metal – BABYMETAL – even to those who will be seeing us for the very first time." 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Yui Aragaki and Ryo Nishikido breakup rumors were false? Living in the same apartment building according to FRIDAY

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FRIDAY (4/11 issue) has reported that Yui Aragaki and Kanjani8's Ryo Nishikido are still dating.

During last year's report, Nishikido and Aragaki's apartments were only 4 minutes apart on foot, and he would go to Aragaki's unit twice a week. After a year from the initial 'scandal', it was discovered that the two are now living in the same building.

The pair met each other after being cast together in the drama Zenkai Girl (July 2011). After FRIDAY scooped the pair's relationship last year, a number of women's magazines reported that the two have split up since. But it seems that the relationship has actually continued.

"Making a couple live near each other is a method used a lot within the industry, not just by Johnny's. The media won't be able to get inside these apartment buildings, so there's no fear of the two being photographed together. The pictures published on this issue of FRIDAY are just of Aragaki's agency car entering the parking lot of the said apartment, Nishikido walking on the sidewalk, and Aragaki going home into the apartment. If they have indeed broken up, then there's no point in living within the same building. So it can be assumed that their relationship have prospered ever since." - (Johnny's writer)

Nishikido has previously graced the pages of FRIDAY in 2011 when a woman he hooked up with leaked pictures of him in bed, and this past February when he was also picking up girls in Hawaii with the Akanishi troop. 
"Nishikido recently planned to go cruising with the Akanishi troop members but got stranded at the airport due to bad weather. It seems that he's treating his relationship with Aragaki and his womanizing as 2 different things." - (same as above)

Some comments on the Internet: "Nishikido got FRIDAY'd again?", "I'm already getting tired of his FRIDAY reports (LOL)", "Nishikido, do your best", and a lot don't seem too much rattled about this report. Will Nishikido continue with his serious relationship with Aragaki, or will he once again be caught by FRIDAY with a different woman?

Downtown denies discord rumors with Tunnels... "We haven't even been together on programs"

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On the program HEY!HEY!HEY! MUSIC CHAMP - HEY!HEY!HEY! 2014 Chou Gouka Artist ni gorigori karamimashita SP "Spring", SMAP asked Downtown about all those discord rumors surrounding them and two other comedy duos Tunnels and Bakusho Mondai following their appearance on the stage of Iitomo's grand finale. Downtown, Tunnels, and Bakusho Mondai have been rumored to have strained relationships with one another for the longest time.

Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masatoshi Hamada replied "No, no, (how can we have strained relationships when) we haven't even been together on programs", implying that they're not as conscious about this as the public.

When Matsumoto was asked about his impression of the Tunnels when they appeared with them on the finale of Iitomo, he just said, "They were literally huge! They were much taller than what I expected!".

Thursday, April 10, 2014

AV actor arrested for committing sexual misconduct with a junior high school student

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The Utsunomiya Higashi Police Department arrested actor Ryo Sawai (34) for violating Saitama's Prefectural Ordinance of Juvenile Protection.

He was arrested for allegedly committing sexual misconduct with a 3rd year middle school student in a hotel room in Saitama, despite knowing that the girl was under 18 years old.

Sawai has made appearances in a large number of adult videos. According to the police station, the two got to know each other through the free SNS application LINE.
* WARNING - Potentially NSFW content. Read at your own risk!

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The pictures that shook 2chan's history

Today is actually our 1st anniversary! There were a lot of ups and downs, but the 2 of us are happy (and shocked) at how our little blog has lasted a year :) We'd like to thank our regular readers for keeping things lively and giving us the motivation to provide you with these posts.
In as much as we would like to keep on bringing you these threads on a regular basis, 
we would also like to take this opportunity to go on a small break to recharge and focus on other things. We'll still update this blog, but probably not as frequently as before -- for the time being. Thank you everyone and please check back for updates!

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Imma tell all of you newbies

Top 5 reasons bands break up that sound fake (mynavi woman)

1: 2014/04/06(日) 19:23:46.38 ID
Q. Which break-up reason sounds like the biggest lie?

1. Creative/musical differences (50.8%) 
2. Members wanting to pursue their own paths (10.3%)
3. A positive decision of calling it quits after giving thorough consideration (9.3%)
4. Accomplished everything (6.2%)
5. To try and explore newer possibilities (5.3%)

* Creative/musical differences
- "I think these members were already aware of each other's musical preferences before joining the band." (35/M)
- "I want to start questioning them if this isn't about private matters with other members." (28/F)
- "I don't think a band will split up just because of musical differences." (31/F)

* Others
- "If the band really has accomplished everything then all the fans would understand and accept the decision, but I've never heard of an instance like that, ever." (24/F)
- "Wanting to pursue his own path also looks to me like he's not getting along with the other members." (30/F)
- " 'A positive decision of calling it quits after giving thorough consideration' sounds like a married couple's reason for divorce, I think most of these cases have gotten pretty ugly and are beyond repair." (36/F)

Period: 2014/3/5 ~ 2014/3/13
Respondents: Male - 213, Female - 348

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Celebrities who change once the camera stops rolling

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(Partial translation)

"Emi Takei. She's quiet when there are talents and staff members from other agencies around, but when she's alone, she just does as she pleases. During a photo shoot, with the sponsor immediately next to her, she angrily said 'Huh!? I can't do that kind of pose!'. And the irritating part about this is that Takei's manager has never cautioned her about this at all. It's like leaving a clueless kid alone out there in the woods." - (ad agency staff)

"Atsuko Maeda has been very busy since she went solo, but people have been talking about how bad her choice of words are, even when she was still with AKB48. She never shows this attitude in front of the camera and the media, but she would tell noisy members in the dressing rooms 'Shut up, busu! (ugly)', or even tell other members who rejoice at cakes given to them that 'And you're all getting fat because you're eating stuff like that'. I heard that there was a time when the entire atmosphere of the place worsened just because of Maeda's grumpy mood." - (gossip magazine writer)

"This is a pretty known story among backstage staff members, but Osamu Mukai is pretty hard to deal with. When a certain media outlet interviewed Mukai just a while back, Mukai himself didn't seem too enthusiastic about the gig, and just answered with brief responses like uh-huh, sure, yeah, etc. to whatever question was thrown his way. The reporter still proceeded to interview him, but Mukai suddenly stood up and said 'We're done here!' and left. Mukai's agency apologized on his behalf for 'boycotting' the interview." - (showbiz writer)